Scale RoI From Existing Investments

Constient helps Corporates realize higher value from existing technologies
investment which was hitherto stagnant owing to skills, direction or process. We
have helped several leading corporates realize RoI and higher revenues from
existing technology investments.


  • Experience

    Constient has the experience of helping large brands leverage existing technology investments. Since inception in 2012, we have worked on augementing people, process, and systems for large organizations and delivers value at price point.

  • Absolute Confidentiality

    We are a CMM 5 level certified and Infosec cleared entity with absolute data protection. We sign water tight NDA not just with you but also ensure that our assigned resources align completely with your teams to deliver immense value..

  • Skills

    Constient brings in a blend of technology skills – Consulting, Strategy, Dev Ops, One-off Builds, Migration and Enhancements. Not all projects are created alike, some require turnkey support while others a directional support and some core development, at Constient we understand and support each need.

  • Agility

    We understand that some needs are short, mid or long term. As a right partner to support innovation has to complement the structures and work alongside augementing your people-process-technolgies gaps.

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    • Team

      We have assembled the best and the brightest technology folks under one roof. Regardless of technologies, platforms, databases, tools and environments we’ll have you started in no time.


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