Jump Start

Tech Acceleration for Start-ups and Scale-ups

Regardless of your business stage, we are here to accelerate. Be it transforming an idea into an MVP or augmenting existing applications we have you covered.



Visionaries constrained by technologies actualize their dreams. We bring to life your most passionate ideas and build digital products and platforms that transform your ideas into reality…

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Our team helps you jump start your innovation using cutting-edge technologies which were hitherto struck. Corporate pilot programs that bring the best global brands and the most…

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We partner with companies who have specific technologies stack challenges and help them tide over. As a technology agnostic service crew, we partner on specific parcels of…

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Why is it important?

Unless you can code yourself, talent acquisition can become a big hurdle on your path to glory. While you may be tempted to build a team, it is important for you to not to defocus from your goal as team management suck a big time.


  • Consulting, Dev Ops, Development, and Enhancements. All under one roof.
  • Absolute confidentiality and data security. No fear of IP infringement or exposure of your ideas.
  • Flexible engagement models.


  • Technologies evolve lot sooner these days. Talent upskilling and retention is indeed a challenge.
  • Your IP is THE most important asset and we protect it. No need to sweat anymore thinking how to prevent infringement.
  • The more your product grows, the greater the effort it takes to maintain it. It’s better to have a partner like us manage it.

Frequently Used Questions

Can’t find an answer? Call us at (855) 685 2323 or email contact@gmail.com

Both. Size is not something we look at. The excitement of idea is what turns us on. That’s why we have so many start-ups as clients. Having said that, we also worked with big brands such as Pfizer, Edelweiss, Axis, Reliance etc.

We are committed 100% to protecting your idea and te underlying IP. We understand how much you value your idea, and hence we sign watertight NDA not just with you but also ensure that the resources creating the digital products based on your idea also do not infringe, takeover or expose. We’ve worked on projects across verticals like Financial Services and Healthcare, Retail and eGovernance where data privacy and IP protection are of utmost importance.

We are first gen enterpreners and we have built our own start-ups in fintech, healthtech, social and B2C. We’ve raised money. We’ve exited. We know the game as well as you do.

Any digital technologies. We are truly a technology agnostic company. We select technologies for you based on what your business model needs, not on the availability of resources.

Futuristic technologies such as Blockchain, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence etc. is what we revel in. We are already working on all of these technologies!